Murama Indigenous Youth Summit

We begin and share Aboriginal cultural knowledge in a way which brings the greatest understanding- Aboriginal peoples, cultural expressions and language in one shared space. It begins here on the land which once belonged to the Wann-gal peoples. Murama is about working with our young Aboriginal youth leaders to ‘Stand Tall and Walk Strong’. To achieve this, our young youth leaders led the path for other young people from all walks of life. Young, inquisitive, active minds, experiencing and learning about Aboriginal peoples, first hand. These special kinds of experiential learning opportunities create a sense of confidence in our Aboriginal young people being able to challenge previous misunderstandings through positive demonstrations of culture to other young people. Let’s start a real reconciliation process of shared understanding of Australia’s past present and future. Join the Murama circle- both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educational communities’ imagining a brighter and better future for all. visit for more information

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