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Seven Generations International Foundation Australia Limited is a Non-Profit philanthropic organisation that draws on global partnerships with first peoples and experienced professionals motivated to create positive and beneficial change.Our team of International directors and advisors has a broad base of professional, academic, technical and cultural experience.

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Mediation, Restorative Conferencing & Conflict Management

Our accredited mediators are highly experienced and uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in accords with Australia’s National Mediation Practice Standards. We provide information and support for parties in considering whether or not mediation and/or other conflict management processes

Services we offer

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training

7 Generations Cross-Cultural training and cultural awareness changes people’s views & perspectives to build understanding and genuine collaboration to create partnerships.  Our training draws upon a wealth of professional experience & knowledge of our highly qualified internationally recognised trainers with local, regional & international Indigenous knowledge.

Cultural Awareness training

Art & Art Therapy

Art & Art Therapy is a cultural approach to healing. 7 Generations offers a range of services including mural & art commissions, as well as  teaching art and traditional crafts. Our arts therapy healing approach is combined with cultural renewal & revitalisation to build self-discovery, self-confidence and connectedness with culture, place, families and communities.

Themes for our work

Colonisation has burnt the core of traditional society and left a charred landscape, a contemporary capitalistic world where people are pressured to assimilate or integrate into the ways that are foreign to Indigenous value systems. The wavy lines connected to the central circle in the four colours represent travelling lines and the good path, walked from the four directions by the people.

Themes for our work

Culture-based interventions

Our cultural intervention training is based on the gathering of Native Americans (G.O.N.A) approach that uses the strength of indigenous communities as a tool to make changes in people’s lives. The community values & resilience that ensured the survival of indigenous peoples through the trauma of colonisation is the key that creates positive solutions for our community.

Services we offer

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

We can help design and implement an effective engagement strategy fit for purpose. and appropriate for context. Our services focus on thorough scoping and preparation; effective process design; expert consultation and facilitation; documentation, follow up and debriefing as needs. Our facilitators are also adept conflict management specialists and this enables us to

Services we offer

Teacher professional development

We provide high-quality professional development activities for teachers from Kindergarten to Year 12. This includes workshops and events as well as a range of products and resources covering everything from the NSW Kindergarten Learning Guideline and NSW K–10 syllabuses.

Projects, Events & Initiatives

The Team

Don Lyons
Michigan – U.S.A

Wayne Lewis
Northern Territory – Australia

Polly O. Walker

Michele Wellman-Teeple
Bay Mills, U.S.A

Dr John Hunter
Western Sydney – Australia

Brad Lewis
Brisbane – Australia

Olympia, Washington U.S.A

Roberto Giunta
Sydney, Australia

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