Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation was founded by five Aboriginal elders from Western Sydney. Their purpose is to connect with individuals and families in a welcoming environment, providing them supports and links to services that help them heal from the past and nurture their sense of confidence and pride in the future. The group has strong knowledge of the community and has built contacts within and outside the community. The establishment and incorporation of Baabayn (Ancestral Woman) was the culmination of 18 months of determined effort and dedication on the part of five elders who are known and respected in the Aboriginal community of Western Sydney. Having lived in the community for many years the elders know the needs of the people and as directors of Baabayn believe that they can work with other organisations to bring the community together for the good of all. Seven Generations International Foundation supports the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation in helping make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal Elders & Aboriginal Youth. visit for more information

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